Start saving money right away. Many times the solar installation process can take months. That could mean months of paying your utility bill while the solar system is being designed and scheduled for installation. With this limited time promotion you can start saving money this month!

Once you agree to sign up with a solar system that is at least 100% offset of your existing energy usage, Solar Savings Direct will pay your current electricity bill until the solar is installed. Minimum solar system size is 10 panels (3.150KW)

  • Customer related installation delays will postpone or cancel Energy Payments. 

  • No more than $475 per month Electricity Bill Payment.

  • Solar Savings Direct will make the 20 year term payment towards any Solar Loan. If the Solar Client elects a shorter term loan length, Solar Savings Direct will contribute the 20 year term monthly payment for the 1st 2 months towards any loan.

  • Must enter into Solar Agreement prior to June 30th.

  • Cash customers are eligible for Rebate or Cash Discount

  • Website Solar Calculator pricing is to be utilized for the Covid Energy Relief

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